Amanda Noel - Escrow Officer at Crossroads Title Agency

My name is Amanda Noel and I have been with the Title Alliance family since 2012. Currently I am an Escrow Officer at Crossroads Title Agency in Canton, Ohio.

Working for Title Alliance is truly a blessing, it is definitely the best job I have ever had. We are all like one big happy family and we are always there to help each other out. I love coming to work every day because I have the best bosses, from my manager and Regional Director, all the way to the top with the owners of the company. We have the very best support team from our training manager to IT to Accounting when the deal is getting finalized, if we need help someone is always there to assist and that is just the regular day to day stuff. We have perks when you work with the Title Alliance family as well. We have the privilege of belonging to a company who invests in our future with an ESOP program. We have great benefits and we also love to have fun together. We enjoy going to dinners together, Indians games and hockey games as well. I could not be more blessed to work for Title Alliance, there is no better company to work for.


Jessica Harvey - Services Abstract Company

My name is Jessica Harvey and I’ve been a part of the Title Alliance Family of companies since August 2013. Currently I am a conveyancer/transaction coordinator at Services Abstract Company, located in Blue Bell.

What I love most about being a part of the Title Alliance family is the built in support system we have. There is always someone to turn to if you need assistance, whether it’s your Regional Director or a fellow closer from another office. Support is but a phone call away and I always found that incredibly reassuring. No matter what office you work at or which joint venture you are a part of we are all working toward one collective goal: to see Title Alliance succeed and grow. That sense of community makes all the difference.


Kelly J. Pogorelec - Manager of Title Alliance Greenbrier

My name is Kelly J. Pogorelec and I have been a part of the Title Alliance Family of companies since March of 2011. Currently, I am the manager of Title Alliance Greenbrier, LLC, located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

I have been in the real estate industry since 1990 and Title Alliance never ceases to amaze me. Our Corporate Office provides support in all aspects of day to day running operations and believes in investing in the newest and best technology available. The training provided affords each office the ability to keep current on the newest trends and changes in our industry which is key to our success. The benefits provided by Title Alliance far exceeded any of my expectations. I was recently out for surgery and the Company provided short term disability benefits which allowed me to recover in the time needed without additional stress. I am employed by a Corporation but Title Alliance allows me the freedom to structure my office the best way to serve my agents and loan officers while offering the security of being part of a successful organization. I plan to continue to work with Title Alliance until I retire!


Lisa Purcell - I.T. Department at Title Alliance

My name is Lisa Purcell and I’ve been a part of the Title Alliance Family of companies for over 20 years. Currently I am in the I.T. Department at Title Alliance, located in Media, Pennsylvania.

I love working at Title Alliance because although we all have very different jobs in the home office, someone is always there to lend a hand. So when one of our Joint Ventures calls with a question, they can ask any one of us to help them.


Ruth OConnor - Media Office at Title Alliance

My name is Ruth OConnor. I have been a part of the Title Alliance Family since 1979. I have been a closer, a branch manager and now I work in the Media office.

I assist in wires, escrow and closings as needed. In the ever changing world of technology I have witnessed our company go from a paper and pencil settlement sheet to an ever present IT Department steering us through this technical age. Our professional development opportunities provide members of our family continuous and timely growth in the title insurance industry. We strive and are succeeding in providing the client with an efficient and successful experience in working with our family at Title Alliance.